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Nebosh International Diploma( IDip )

As the organizations are expanding their horizons and resource strength, the need for achieving and maintaining the health and safety of workers has become crucial everywhere around the world.

Recognized as a level 6 qualification in the field of health and safety in the UK, the Nebosh International Diploma course has been initiated to build up the knowledge of safety & health among aspiring health and safety professionals and students. Every year Nebosh conducts Nebosh International Diploma twice yearly to deliver proficient Health and Safety professionals for the country.

It excels for teaching everything – nook and corner of safety and health standards for people who have envisioned to become a successful safety and health practitioner. Though several courses flourish every day, no course in Health and Safety sector has ever matched with the Nebosh International Diploma course.

  • Course Name : NEBOSH IDIP
  • Course Fee : 1,25,000 Indian Rupees
  • Enrolment Fees : 45000 INR
  • First Unit (If any A,B&C) : 30000 INR
  • Second Unit (If any A,B&C) : 30000 INR
  • Third unit (If any A,B&C) : 20000 INR
  • Practical unit D : Free (Conditions Apply)

  • You will be highly acclaimed as a certified Safety and Health Practitioner upon completing the Nebosh International Diploma course.
  • Most in-demand position – It is estimated that a Nebosh Approved trainer would earn up to 12500 INR (1000 AED in gulf countries) per day.
  • This particular course from Nebosh can also offer you a designation of HSE (Health Safety and Environmental) Trainer or HSE Training Manager in Top Oil and Gas companies around the world, which can fetch you a salary of 12500-25000 AED per month.
  • Being one of the basic qualifications required for top managing position in any Health and Safety jobs, the course offers great career in leading companies in UK , Gulf Countries and other developed companies.
  • On successfully completing the course, one can become a graduate member of IOSH (Grad IOSH).
  • The Nebosh International Diploma course is one of the top qualifications for maximum jobs in HSE sector.
  • Basic Knowledge on HSE is not mandatory for the course, however fundamental knowledge is preferable.
  • You can get placed on top institutions and as you gain experience upon completing the course you can become eligible for a good increment.

  • Nebosh International Diploma can serve as an undergraduate course, so for those candidates aspiring to complete Msc in Health and Safety in U.K. can grab the opportunity with RedHat Safety.
  • Safety, since many companies in developed countries like UK consider this diploma as an important qualification for high jobs.
  • Upon completing the course you can become a certified Nebosh approved trainer, who can work in nearly 5 institutes simultaneously

There are only a couple of Nebosh accredited centers in the world, and ours is one of the most prominent one in the whole country. You can check it out, by logging in to and then click on to Where to study, Find a course provider, Select qualification (choose the desired certification) and finally click on to Course providers to find our center.

  • Nearly 30+ Nebosh accredited institutes operate in the world, who are eligible to conduct classroom training for Nebosh International Diploma and one such center is RedHat Safety.
  • RedHat Safety provides 30 days classroom training for students enrolled for this particular certification.
  • Though many institutions in different countries conduct training for this diploma, they actually train all the candidates equally. In sense don’t provide special attention for weaker students, but as an accredited institute we have successfully helped a security officer get through this course with 60% marks. Please find the video attachment below!!!.

  • Every year most of students pass the course with our excellent passing percentage system.
  • Examinations focused questionnaire will be provided for the students on daily class tests and 6 model exams conducted during the course completion.