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STI - Scaffolding Training Institute Texas

STI - Scaffolding Training Institute Texas is a comprehensive Safety Management Program providing exceptional knowledge and understanding required for undertaking a career in Safety in Construction and Oil & Gas Industries. The main concentration will be the study of working platforms and height systems.

  • The STI - Scaffolding Training Institute Texas will be accredited by world famous Scaffolding certification body. Thus your certification will be recognized in all the countries in the world
  • Register your Scaffolding Training Institute Texas certificate in Employment exchange and in Ministry of External Affairs
  • Being an International course it is promoted by Govt of India and approved by BSS.

  • The 5 days course will provide you certification attested by leading certification body from U.S., thus you will be recognized as a competent scaffolding inspector.
  • As competition is growing at an alarming speed everywhere, Your C.V will be chosen among the others only when it’s different from the rest. Today maximum of the candidates (nearly 70%) complete a Nebosh IGC after their graduation. So completing this certification along with the Nebosh IGC can be an added advantage for a good position. Moreover organizations are also opting for candidates with more than one certification.

  • The STI - Scaffolding Training Institute Texas certificate can be handled only by STI approved trainer. In RedHat Safety, we have appointed Mr.Raja Tamilselvan.
  • 100 % Technical support throughout the course completion
  • Rated as Best Health & Safety Training Institute in India
  • Certified by ISO 9001 – 2008